26 February 2024

Games of the Future is the first international multi-sport event in the phygital concept with a total prize fund of $10 million. It will be held from February 21 to March 3, 2024 in Kazan. More than 260 international teams and over 2,000 participants from around the world are taking part in the tournament.

31 January 2024

In Moscow, on the territory of VDNKh, you can visit the International Exhibition-Forum RUSSIA until 12 April. At the exhibition you can learn about the most important achievements and inventions of our country in industry, energy, transport, construction, science, culture and sports. All 89 regions of Russia became participants of the exhibition. 

Visa support

Most foreign tourists coming to Russia require a visa. A tourist visa can be obtained on the basis of a letter of invitation from MIR Travel Company registered in the consular section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tourist visas to Russia are issued for 30 days and usually the process of obtaining the visa takes around 14 days.

The following information (for each travelling guests) should be submitted to receive a letter of invitation:


1) all names, all surnames as in passport

2) sex

3) date and place of birth

4) passport number and validity

5) dates of entry to the territory of Russian and departure from the country

6) citizenship


It takes around 24h to issue an invitation letter. A scanned copy of the visa invitation will be send electronically to the e-mail address of the reservation manager. If the original is required, it will be send by post for the extra charge.

To obtain a visa you need to submit letter of invitation and the necessary documents to the consulate or the embassy, whichever you prefer. The prices for issuing Russian visa and the period of processing of your request depend you citizenship and the consulate or embassy you are turning to.

NB: MIR Travel cannot issue visas, and not responsible for the decision of the Consulate, as well as for the Consulate charges and decision making time.


The citizens of the following countries do not require visa to Russia:







Hong Kong








If you travel to Russia your passportshould be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your stay.

Arrival in Russia

Foreign citizens arriving to the Russian Federation have to:

- present a valid passport and visa (if necessary)

- obtain and fill in the migration card before passing through the passport control

- medical insurance

- return ticket

- travel itinerary

Mirgation Card

Where to get:

-if you travel by plane: in a plane or in terminal building before the passport control area

-if you travel by train: train attendant

-if you travel by bus: bus attendant

-if you travel by private car: border control officer


The migration card consist oftwo identical parts printed either side-to-side ortop-to-bottom. Both parts need tobefilled out, ineither English orRussian

-Side A – arrival information, Side B – departure information

-Every foreign citizen has to fill in the migration card personally

-Under ‘Given name(s)’, print both your first and middle names.

-Leave ‘Patronymic’ blank.

-Remember tolist dates byday/month/year.

-For ‘Passport orother ID’, write ‘passport’ and fill out the number

-For ‘Purpose oftravel’, underline ‘Tourism’ or ‘Business’

-Under ‘Name ofhost person orcompany’, write the name ofcompany which issued your invitation.

-Make sure the dates indicated under ‘Duration of stay’ are from the current date to the departure date indicated in your visa.


Having filled out the card, you will need to queue to go through passport control. Make sure you choose the line for foreign nationals. An immigration official will take your passport and migration card from you and stamp your passport and the card, removing one half of the card and placing the other half in your passport. It is very important that you do not lose your migration card. It will be required upon your departure.


NB: If you lose the migration card please immediately address MIR Travel Company, we will help you to solve this problem.


Visa registration

Under the Russian Federation Law every visitor needs to have his/her visa registered. Visa registration is compulsory. In order to register your visa the receptionist will make a copy of your passport, visa, and migration card, in some cases they will need to keep your passport for a certain period of time, from several minutes to 24 hours.