17 April 2024

The long-awaited event for residents and guests of the city - the beginning of navigation in St. Petersburg! This year navigation will start on the 27th of April. It means that from the 27th of April it will be possible to enjoy excursions along the rivers and canals of the city again.


22 March 2024

MIR Travel Company will tell you where and how to get there! The excursion is called the Golden Ring of Russia and passes through several Old Russian cities. The route itself was developed in 1967 with the inclusion of 8 cities: Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov the Great, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir. 

Organization of business trips and conferences

MIR Travel Company offers a wide range of services related to the organization of business trips, conferences, seminars and symposiums. During the years we have accumulated great experience that allows us to fulfill the most complicated tasks. We are ready to suggest different options for the organization of conferences and events according to the needs and requirements of the client.

Today both Moscow and St. Petersburg can offer conditions necessary for the organization of seminars and conferences. We will help you to choose conference equipment, offer coffee break options, banquet menus; we can suggest a cultural programme for the participants of your event, if you wish we can coordinate the whole process so that not a single detail is left out.

We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • Rent of conference rooms and technical equipment
  • Organization of coffee breaks
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Visa support
  • Transport services
  • Interpreters
  • Cultural programme for the participants

Incentive tours

Incentive tours have become an inseparable part of modern corporate culture. It is probably one of the most efficient instruments of motivating personnel, partners and clients.

The professional managers of MIR are ready to organize a tour that would be not mere corporate entertainment but an unforgettable, interesting, extraordinary and informative journey designed to answer every wish of the client.

We have large experience and we are eager to offer you interesting and original programs of incentive tours of St. Petersburg which is an ideal place for such tours, of the North-West, Moscow, and the towns of the Golden Ring of Russia. These tours will not only stay in the memory of the participants but also consolidate company spirit and improve the quality of work.

Here are some of our ideas for incentive tours

"A visit to the Vikings"

We invite you to take a trip to the legendary, far away times of knights and Vikings. Near the town of Vyborg you would be able to go back to the times of our ancestors and try on the role of a severe Viking. With our assistance you would be able to take part in a treasure hunt, follow an ancient map searching for the Varangians’ treasure, test your strength in various competitions, forge a lucky charm, learn about your destiny from a rune soothsayer. In the Big House you will try ancient food cooked for a magic feast, and taste the druid spirit of the red wine.

"A day in a Russian village"

If you live in a modern city and are already fed up with cars, crowds of people in the streets, and public transport we can surprise you by changing the rhythm of your life into the hasteless pace of country life. The joy of nature bonding, the peculiarity of patriarch country life will bring back “the values of the days long gone”. There will be plenty of surprises: you will learn how to chop wood, to kindle a stove, to cook traditional Russian country food – porridge, Russian banya (Russian sauna) will be even more welcoming after a day full of typical Russian country labour.

Russians are famous for their hospitality; you will see it for yourself at a traditional Russian wedding. Dancing and singing, the accordion and chastushkas (short humorous folk songs) are indispensable for any country feast. You can try traditional Russian wedding cuisine and taste various kinds of vodka and liquors.

Remember that even small shots of Russian vodka can make your head go round!

"Back to USSR"

Some time ago Russia was known as a superpower separated from the rest of the world by an impenetrable iron curtain that was defended by the totalitarian regime.

Feel the atmosphere of the time, sink in the severe reality of the USSR past...Many mysterious stories are connected to the name of one of the most famous dictators of the world – Stalin. We will help you to reveal some of the stories during a visit to one of Moscow landmarks related to the epoch of Stalin. A small effort and you are back to the severe reality to 1940’s.

Soviet times were the golden age of USSR space science and technology. The first satellite, the first man in space – you know it better. Can you name an astronaut? You will have a unique possibility to visit a laboratory, to see miniature space stations and orbital modules, to see the stimulators that train cosmonauts to work in open space, as well as to ask questions or to say hello to a real astronaut who will share his impressions of the flight and even give you a small present...

"The Revolutionary St. Petersburg"

Besides being the cultural capital of the country, St. Petersburg also played an important role in the political history of the country, the revolutionary history.

Before perestroika every pupil in St. Petersburg knew it for sure that St. Petersburg was the cradle of three revolutions, by all means, every child dreamed of becoming a pioneer. Nowadays, the forgotten attribute of pioneers – the red scarf – will bring you together to complete an important mission – the future of revolution is in your hands

Don’t forget that the mission is strictly confidential. Plots and meetings, political groups and the storm of the Winter Palace, the headquarters of the interim government – you would be able to observe and experience all by yourself...

"Modern luxury"

Today Moscow is the most expensive city in Russia. You can feel all the privileges of VIP. A luxurious car will be waiting for you at the exit of the airport.

The night life is filled with luxury; it offers the smart and liberal atmosphere of private night clubs, a formidable cigar and perfect Scotch whiskey. You are keen on ballet and classical music but you can’t stand the public places? We will organize a private concert of classical music or a ballet performance with the principal dancers and singers of Mariinsky and Bolshoi theatres in one of the splendid palaces of the capital or the summer residences. You prefer to take your time and enjoy the masterpieces of painting, sculpture or jewellery on your own? We offer exclusive tours to the closed foundations of museums, to the Kremlin, the Hermitage, the Catherine Palace, etc.

"Imperial charm"

The streets and embankments of St. Petersburg are full of history. You can hear the echo of Pushkin’s steps as he hastily crossed the Palace square. The phantoms of the 19th century wander along the streets of St. Petersburg. Poetry, music, painting are dissolved in the languid air of the white nights and in the white crystal powder of snow that glitters in the pale light of lanterns. Whatever is the name of your Muse, undoubtedly, she could show you something very special in St. Petersburg – the city of poets, painters, architects – famous local madmen whose names are inseparable of the history of Russia and St. Petersburg.

Don’t be surprised if you see a character of Dostoyevsky turn round the corner of a water well shaped yard or if in Pavlovsk you meet the king of waltz, Strauss who entertained St. Petersburg nobility in the 19th century.

We can organize an aristocratic reception in the palaces or a refined tea party on the terrace of the Grand Palace in Peterhof followed by a visit to the famous fountains of the Russian Versailles.

In conclusion of the tour of the 19th century St. Petersburg you will visit a fancy-dress ball in one of the palaces where you can feel yourself a member of St. Petersburg high society of the 19th century. By all means, we’ll need fans for ladies and masks for gentlemen.

"Nature and adventure"

If you prefer active holidays you will like our bicycle tours. We offer interesting and unexpected cycling routes in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. You would probably have to go by boats and canoes and to move across water obstacles. River rapids can make a perfect rafting adventure: interesting and extreme.

Nothing can unite people better than common difficulties that they have to overcome, even if the difficulties are just vertical rocks and steep hills. Our coaches will help you to mount your own Everest. Out of the city and into the woods! Forget the hotels, Jacuzzi, lifts and television! There is nothing better than sit by the fire and savour ukha (typical Russian fish soup) made of the fish you’ve just caught. What sweet dreams expect you out under the dark night sky!

"Kalashnikov day"

Russian arms are known outside Russia, it is difficult to see anyone who has never heard about AK-47 assault rifle (Avtomat Kalashnikov), Russian tanks, armoured cars, missiles.

Your spirit is young, you are adventurous, ready to experience something new, and on top of everything you keep playing with your toy soldiers? Then we can offer you a unique possibility to play the toy soldiers “of the grown-ups”.

You will take a short teaching course as a soldier in the Russian Army; you will learn how to drive a tank, an armoured car, shoot from various types of guns, including the legendary AK-47 and all that in a realistic military operation.

You can undertake this military operation on your own but if you have a true friend by your side it will work out right.