E-visa  to Russia

04 August 2023

We are pleased to inform you that the e-visa to Russia was launched as from 01st August, 2023.
Citizens of 55 countries can now apply for visa to Russia online. You may find the list of countries and the application rules on the official website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: .

27 September 2022

From July 15th, Russia has lifted the restrictions on crossing its land borders established in connection with the pandemic. Foreign tourists once again have the opportunity to enter our country on regular bus lines Lux Express and Ecolines.

Moscow at night

Join us for the magnificent and the most picturesque tour of Moscow. This vibrant city never sleeps, but it changes completely when the night falls. Enjoy the beautiful illumination and see the city from a different perspective, not forgetting to learn about its history, past, and present. We will visit the Red Square, see the Kremlin beautifully light, and GUM turning into the fairytale palace.

17, Aug: 21:30

3 hours

This excursion already included in your conference package. To confirm participation please follow the link.