12 April 2021

This week we are celebrating the International Day of Human Space Flight. This day is a special day for our country - a day of pride, as on April 12, 1961, a citizen of the Soviet Union, Yuri Gagarin, for the first time in the world made an orbital flyby of the Earth, opening the era of manned space flights.

08 April 2021

Russian News Agency TASS and its educational project Newm together with the Museum of Cosmonautics of Moscow have launched a new project - a series of videos dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space. The first of the three stories introduces viewers to the process of rocketing the Vostok launch vehicle and placing the spacecraft in orbit.

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Three-day itinerary. St. Petersburg and Moscow



Day 1. city tour, Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, a boat trip.


Day 2. Moscow: city tour, the Kremlin, the Armoury, metro.


Day 3. Peterhof (The Grand Palace and the Lower Park), Yusupov palace.


Day 1.


Meet your guide in the hall of the port terminal of St. Petersburg.


During the city tour you will get acquainted with history and modern life of the city, will see all major sights: the main street of the city - Nevsky prospect, the beautiful Arts Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Spilt Blood, Mariinsky Theatre, our next stop is Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan. We will visit Peter and Paul Fortress, the cradle of the city, we will enter the first cathedral of the city – St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. We continue on to St. Isaac’s Cathedral.


Free time for lunch.


In the afternoon we will visit the Hermitage, the largest museum in Russia and one of the most important and well-known museums of the world. The collection that was started by Empress Catherine II in 1764 now numbers more than 3 million objects. Objects that date back to various periods from prehistoric times to nowadays are exhibited in 400 rooms. The sheer jewels of the collection are the works by Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Tiziano, Rembrandt, P.P.Rubens, A. Van Dyck, El Greco...


Afterwards, we take a boat trip along the waterways of Saint Petersburg. Granite clad rivers and canals, stairs descending to the water, bridges that span the banks are inseparable elements of the city architecture. This trip allows you to see a different aspect of St. Petersburg – Venice of the North.


Return to the ship.


Day 2.


Meet your guide in the hall of the port terminal of St. Petersburg.


Transfer to the airport to take a plane to Moscow.


In the morning you will go on a city tour to learn the history of the Russian capital, visit many places of interest such as: one of the largest squares in the world – the Red Square – situated next to the walls of the ancient Kremlin , the Mausoleum of Lenin and St. Basil Cathedral of the XVI c. You will enjoy the world-famous view of the Kremlin from the embankment of St. Sofia. Seven buildings – the towers that were constructed after the WWII are the symbols of modern Moscow. One can enjoy the excellent panorama of the towers and the famous Cathedral of Christ the Saviour from the viewing point of Moscow University.


You will visit the Kremlin – this stronghold is situated on a hill that is 40 meters high. It was made of wood in the XII c. and rebuilt in stone much later. The presidential residence is situated here. The oldest square in Moscow which is called the Cathedral Square is also situated in the Kremlin. The Cathedral of the Assumption, Ivan the Terrible Bell Tower, the Cathedral of Archangel Michael, the Cathedral of the Annunciation and the Church of Twelve Apostles surround this beautiful square. We will see the famous Tsar Bell, a huge bell that weighs 200 tons and the largest cannon in the world – the Tsar Cannon that weighs 40 tons.


The ArmouryChamber is located in one of the buildings of the Kremlin. It has a fascinating collection of jewellery. From the XIV c. till the beginning of the XIX c. the Armoury Chamber stored the treasures of Moscow tsars. Today the Armoury exhibits a unique collection: objects of applied art that were presented to Russian tsars by foreign ambassadors, a collection of arms of the 13th – 18th centuries, jewellery of the 12th– 19th centuries. One can admire magnificent objects made of gold, silver, precious stones, ivory, porcelain, clothing embroidered with pearls and the famous Easter eggs of Fabergé.


Free time for lunch.


During the visit to metro you will understand why the metro of Moscow is called the most beautiful metro in the world. All the stations are different; each has a different style, architectural and decorative distribution. Every day 7 million people take the metro, they use 172 metro stations and go along 11 lines that have the total length of 260 km.


Return to Saint Petersburg.


Return to the ship.


Day 3.


Meet your guide in the hall of the port terminal of St. Petersburg.


Today we will go to one of the most beautiful summer residences of Russian Emperors, Peterhof. Peterhof is a town of parks, palaces and fountains. It was founded by Peter the Great in the beginning of the XVIII c. to commemorate the glory of Russia over Sweden. The tour includes a visit to the Grand Palace and a walk around the Lower Park.


Free time for lunch.


Afterwards, we will visit Yusupov Palace. The mansion was constructed in the end of the 19th century for Prince Yusupov who was one of the richest men in Russia. The palace theatre is a copy of la Scala theatre. Yusupov palace is also interesting from the point of view of history as in 1906 a favourite and a trusted advisor of the Romanov family Grigory Rasputin was assassinated in this palace. A wax figures exhibition tells the story of the plot.


Return to the ship.

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