26 February 2021

The traditional Days of the Arctic will be held at the Intellectual Center of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University from 24th to 28th February under the slogan "Welcome to the Arctic!". As part of the Days of the Arctic in 2021, thematic excursions, master classes, mind games, documentary and feature film screenings will be held.

24 February 2021

On February 23 Russia and a number of other post-Soviet countries celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day. This holiday in Russia is considered the day of military glory for men and women who participated in the defense of the Fatherland and has been celebrated for over 100 years.

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27 February 2021

Every year on the 6th of February Sami People's Day is celebrated. This holiday is dedicated to the culture and traditions of the Sami and is celebrated in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Russian Federation.

The Sami are a people that live in northern countries: in Norway, numbering about 40 thousand people, in Sweden - 18 thousand people, in Finland - 4 thousand people, in the Russian Federation (on the Kola Peninsula) - 2 thousand people.

The date of celebration of the Day of the Sami people was chosen due to the fact that on the 6th of February 1917 in Trondheim the first meeting of the Sami was held, at which the issues of unification of the Sami of the Nordic countries and their cooperation across borders were considered.

The Sami retain their faith in the spirits – the Masters of lakes and rivers. There is a veneration of sacred stones (cliffs, large boulders) associated with the patronage of crafts and honoring of ancestors.

We, MIR Travel Company, invite you to get acquainted with the incredible culture of the Sami people on a tour to Murmansk. Where we will visit an open-air museum "Sami village" and see the life of the local indigenous Sami people. In addition, in Murmansk you can see the northern lights, go dog sledding, see a “dragon eggs beach”, feed a reindeer and much more.