07 December 2023

Lake Baikal is one of the most picturesque places in Russia. Tours to Baikal are interesting at any time of the year, but in winter they are especially unique. The lake, covered with ice as clear as glass and seemingly with a pattern painted on it, has long been a popular destination for photographers and nature lovers. 

18 November 2023

November is a special month for our company because on the 26th of November, MIR Travel Company celebrates its anniversary. The company was established in 1992, so this year we are turning 31...

31 years of operating as a domestic and incoming tour operator.
31 years of constant development.
31 years of preparing new tours and things to surprise our guests.
31 years of experience and successful work.


08 December 2023

For the first time in history, Moscow restaurants have received Michelin stars. The solemn ceremony of their presentation took place yesterday in the Zaryadye Concert Hall. Russia became the 35th country to be included in the famous Red guide to the best restaurants in the world. The creators of the guide have been looking closely at Russian establishments for over five years. Seven restaurants in Moscow received one Michelin star. Two restaurants got two stars. The capital of Russia became the first city in the ex USSR whose establishments were included in the guide. In total, 69 establishments are marked in the Michelin gastronomic guide.

Restaurants that got two Michelin stars:
* Artest-Chef's Table;
* Twins Garden.

Restaurants that got one Michelin star:
* Beluga;
* Savva;
* Selfie;
* Sakhalin;
* Biologie;
* Grand Cru;
* White Rabbit.

Three Moscow restaurants have received green stars: Bjorn, Biologie and Twins Garden. These stars are awarded for environmental sustainability. The Bib Gourmet award went to those restaurants where a gourmet meal for one person costs not more than € 30-40. There are 15 such restaurants. Among them are Björn, Cevicheriya, Eva, Hibik, Rybtorg and Ugolyok.

Michelin Red Guide is a gastronomic ranking made by the tire manufacturer Michelin. According to the guide, one star means that the restaurant offers high quality food. Two, according to the guide, mean that the planned route can be changed in order to visit the restaurant. Three stars are awarded to restaurants that are worth traveling specifically for.

Michelin Guide is published in 34 countries. This is one of the most famous gourmet travel guides. To get into the rating means to gain recognition in the world of haute cuisine. In addition to restaurants, the rating includes bars, hotels and guesthouses. Each location on the site has a photo and a small description.