31 January 2024

In Moscow, on the territory of VDNKh, you can visit the International Exhibition-Forum RUSSIA until 12 April. At the exhibition you can learn about the most important achievements and inventions of our country in industry, energy, transport, construction, science, culture and sports. All 89 regions of Russia became participants of the exhibition. 

17 January 2024

We are pleased to tell you about new winter activities in Moscow. For guests of the city we can offer not only classic tours with visits to such famous places as Red Square, Kremlin, St. Basil Cathedral, Tretyakov Gallery, Novodevichy Monastery and others. In winter there is a unique opportunity to visit a real husky farm and get acquainted with this amazing and friendly breed of dogs. 


02 February 2024

The Day of the Republic of Karelia, celebrated annually on June 8, is an event that personifies the process of formalizing the statehood of Karelia. The holiday was established in 1999 by the Government of the Republic. The celebration of the anniversary was widely discussed in the republic and became not only an annual memorable date with many festive and solemn events, but also an occasion to draw attention to Karelia, establish new cultural and business ties. Karelia as a border area has repeatedly passed from one state to another as a result of negotiations or military actions. Only in the 19th century did the Karelian territories become part of Russia. In 1991 the territory became known as the Republic of Karelia. In the current constitution of the republic, the symbols of the region are enshrined: the flag, coat of arms, anthem and the capital - the city of Petrozavodsk.

MIR Travel Company offers tours to beautiful Karelia, its capital Petrozavodsk and the nearby islands of Kizhi and Valaam with their amazing architecture and rich history. On the territory of Karelia there are two largest lakes in Europe: Ladoga and Onega, Kivach waterfall -  the fourth largest waterfall in Europe, an extinct volcano, whose age is about three billion years, marble canyons of Ruskeala Mountain Park and many more. Karelia is a great destination to visit both in summer and in winter and apart from natural wonders Karelia offers:

• Husky dog sledding. Huskies are the most human-friendly dogs in the world, so it won't take long to make friends with them. The trail is about 3 km long and goes through the picturesque Karelian pine forest.

• Mystic stone labyrinths of Bolshoy Zayatsky Island - rare and valuable archaeological monuments.

• An ancient Karelian village Kinerma, with its houses of the end of the 19th century and the wooden chapel of Virgin Mary of Smolensk erected in the 17th century.