21 June 2021

From 21 June, Finland re-opens its borders to visitors. Travellers from the EU and Schengen countries who fulfill at least one of the following conditions will be able to visit Finland: fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (at least 14 days before entry)

17 June 2021

On June 18 the Fireworks Parade kicks off in the Sochi Olympic Park, and it will last until August 18. Throughout the summer period the best pyrotechnic teams of Russia, the winners of large-scale Russian and international fireworks festivals, will perform there.

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23 June 2021

The Day of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy is an annual holiday celebrated on May 18 in honor of the creation of the Baltic Fleet. It must be said that the history of the formation of the Baltic Fleet is closely connected with the history of Saint-Petersburg. After all, foundation of the city on the Neva River began in May 1703, and in 1704 the construction of the Admiralty shipyard started here, which later became the center of shipbuilding in Russia. Since then, the Baltic Fleet has been brilliantly performing the task of defending Russia's borders from the northwestern direction. In addition, the fleet played an important role in scientific expeditions and discoveries. The Baltic Fleet became the ancestor of long-distance and round-the-world voyages of the Russians - 432 geographical discoveries were made on the world map, which are named after 98 admirals and officers of the Baltic Fleet.

The Baltic Fleet Day is not celebrated with wide parades and events because it stands in the shadow of the Russian Navy Day which is celebrated on the last weekend of July, and the main large-scale celebrations are timed to this date.