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Pushkin (Catherine Palace and park)

It is a fascinating monument of architecture and garden art. In 1710 Peter the Great presented this land to his wife Catherine I and in a few years’ time a marvelous ensemble of parks and palaces was built here around the architectural center of Catherine Palace. The combination of gold, celestial walls, niveous columns and silvery roof create an impressive sight. Visitors were amazed with the magnificence of interior decoration: golden decorations of the doors were gently shining, the suite of rooms impressed with the glittering wood carvings. The jewel of the palace is the Amber room which is considered to be the 8th wonder of the world. The romantic alleys around the Catherine Palace invite visitors for a pleasant walk to the favorite pavilions and ponds of the Russian emperors.

07, Oct: 10:00

5 hours


4900 RUB