31 August 2020

A traditional bright holiday - the Festival of Flowers - took place in St. Petersburg from the 28th to the 30th of August. The Flower Parade was held on the Nevsky Prospekt, it included performances by artists and competitions of the best florists. This year the event is dedicated to the heroes of our time - doctors and all medical workers. A floristic battle among the masters of Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan and other countries was organized in the heart of the city, on the Ostrovsky square. To the accompaniment of jazz bands, the florist masters assembled flower arrangements and panels, which was assessed by the festival jury. The florist teams chose the theme for the design of the competition platforms. And it appeared to be a fascinating journey across Russia: the beauties of the Crimea, the traditions of the East and the customs of the Caucasus, mysterious legends and folk tales. It was a colorful procession: models in floral costumes, street theater performers, retro cars and horse carriages. The day ended with a gala concert "Ball of Flowers" with the participation of a symphony orchestra and soloists of the opera stage. Accompanied by classical melodies, florists demonstrated their works in competitive nominations: best bouquet, best flower suit, best flower umbrella and best headdress. The competition works dedicated to the heroism of doctors was evaluated by an international professional jury online.