06 May 2021

The Victory Day is celebrated on May 09 and remains one of the main holidays in Russia, dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. The military parades are the center of the celebrations. Red Square becomes home to a garrison of the nation's best and brightest soldiers accompanied by a rolling fleet of lethal weapons and militarized vehicles destined to spark excitement and pride among the viewers. Bands drum out joyous songs, people cheer, wave flags and banners, and at the end numerous fireworks are set off on major squares of the cities throughout Russia.

More than 8 million people in Moscow alone attend the parade, which is also televised to a large part of the population. To show their support and unity, Russians wear St. George ribbons. With orange and black stripes the St. George ribbon is said to symbolize the fire and gunpowder of war and death and resurrection of St. George. Its colors have been incorporated into many military honors throughout Russian history. The Victory Day celebrations in Russia are an unforgettable spectacle on the grandest scale.