03 December 2020

Moscow and Saint-Petersburg have won one of the most prestigious travel awards - World Travel Awards 2020.
Saint-Petersburg won in the category World Leading Cultural Destination, winning against 14 popular tourist cities, including Paris, London, Rome, Venice, New York and Rio de Janeiro. St. Petersburg has already been awarded the World Travel Awards more than once.
Over the past years, St. Petersburg has been increasing the tourist flow, which was also facilitated by the introduction of electronic visas. Last year the city was visited by over ten million tourists from all over the world and from different regions of Russia.
For the second year in a row, Moscow won a prize in the main nomination Leading City Destination 2020.
Open voting took place on the official website of the award from the 28th September to the 25th October. The jury took into account the opinions of both tourism industry experts and travelers. This year, not only the new achievements of the nominees were evaluated, but also the opportunities for travel in future. As a result, in the main category, Moscow beat such cities as London, New York, Paris, Saint-Petersburg and Rio de Janeiro.
Besides, Russia became the World's Leading Cultural Destination 2020 leaving behind such worthy adversaries as France, Italy, Mexico, etc.
Since Moscow won the main category last year, the 2020 awards ceremony should have been held in the Russian capital. However, amid the pandemic, the winners were announced online.