30 March 2022

World Theater Day has been celebrated since 1961. This is a professional holiday for actors, directors, lighting and sound engineers, make-up artists, theater artists, even cloakroom attendants and ticket collectors. Theater festivals, thematic exhibitions, performances and excursions are held all over the world on the 27th of March.

Theatre was brought to Russia by Peter the Great, but did not yet look like a modern theater. During the reign of his daughter, Elizabeth of Rusia, theater became similar to the one we are used to now. It was during this period when the Imperial Theater was opened, and Alexandrinsky theatre in Saint-Petersburg. Russian and foreign artists participated in performances. And what was unusual for that time is the fact that both women and men performed on the stage.

In Russia, the Day of the Theater is held every year. Traditionally, major theater awards are presented and premiere performances are shown on this day. And the audience not only see their favorite actors on stage, but also sometimes can meet them in person and even take a look behind the scenes.

This year on the 27th of March, live broadcasts of performances, concerts, tours and lectures were held on the official page of the All-Russian action Theater Day.