15 April 2021

The annual event Scarlet Sails will be held on June 25 in St. Petersburg. "The format of the event and its location will be determined by the organizing committee based on the epidemic situation," the press service of the St. Petersburg Administration says. Scarlet Sails is an event dedicated to school graduates. Teenagers graduating from school and their parents traditionally widely celebrate their graduation in June, and in St. Petersburg every year this holiday turns into a citywide celebration.

On June 27, 1968 Leningrad schoolchildren saw a ship under scarlet sails on the Neva River for the first time, which later became the emblem of the holiday. The tradition was interrupted in 1979 and was revived only 25 years later. Since then, every year a unique program of the holiday has been prepared with popular music bands performances and bright pyrotechnic shows held over the water area of ​​the Neva River. In addition, this is the only Russian holiday that is included in the register of world event tourism. In 2019, Scarlet Sails won the main award in the prestigious Best Event World Awards in the Most Significant Event of the Year nomination.

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held online. It was broadcast on TV channels as well as on social networks. Despite its online format, the 2020 celebration went down in history as the most beautiful and grandiose.