02 December 2021

From the 3rd of December 2022 the exhibition Russian Empire opens in Moscow. It is part of a series of projects that the State Historical Museum launched for its 150th anniversary. The exposition is dedicated to the history of the Russian Empire. The first of the sections will tell about the formation of the state in the epoque of Peter the Great, the expansion of its territory. Several halls will present models of warships, maps, weapons, and much more. Among the exhibits, the uniforms that belonged to Peter the Great stands out.

In another section of the exhibition, visitors will see court and military costumes, portraits of emperors, as well as such unique objects as the men military caftan worn by the future Empress Catherine II during the palace coup and the children's uniform and children's saber that belonged to prince Alexei, the son of Nicholas II - the last tsar of the Russian Empire. Especially for the project, to the State Historical Museum was temporarily transferred one of the main regalia of the royal dynasty - the Great Imperial Crown.