26 April 2021

The new season of fountains in the Peterhof Museum-Reserve began this year on April 24. All 147 «water cannons» were put into action starting with the main one - Samson. It is from this moment that the summer season begins in the parks and museums of Peterhof. This year, the fountain system of Peterhof will celebrate its 300th anniversary, so the program of the holiday will be dedicated to this particular theme. It is expected that, according to tradition, a program will be prepared near the Grand Cascade in three parts: theatrical performance, this year dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the water supply system of the reserve, takes place with the participation of a variety of artists in historical costumes, both children's and adult choreographic groups, as well as composers and soloists of the Mariinsky Theater; ceremonial launch of the Peterhof fountains with a water show; culminating cannon salute.

The Peterhof Museum-Reserve is one of the most popular tourist sites in Russia and is included in the top 10 most beautiful palace and park complexes in the world. The beautiful summer residence on the shores of the Gulf of Finland was created by the Emperor Peter the Great in 1710, and the first fountains were launched in 1721. The fountain system of Peterhof, one of the largest in the world, includes 147 fountains operating in the Upper Garden and Lower Park of the former imperial residence. The Peterhof fountains were created on the model of the fountains of the French Versailles, however, they surpass them in the abundance of water, the height of the jets and the duration of action. Most of the fountains and cascades were personally conceived by Peter the Great, and today the Peterhof fountain system has preserved 70% of the historical equipment of the 18th-19th centuries with flanged and lead-leather pipe connections.