23 July 2020

Moscow: The Head of the Ministry of Health of Russia said that 23-24% of residents of Moscow and the Moscow region already have antibodies to coronavirus infection COVID-19. He also said that the Russian Ministry of Health is preparing to complete clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19. And while Moscow is developing and testing the vaccine against coronavirus, quarantine measures are gradually being relaxed throughout the country.

Kazan: Representatives of Kazan's state theaters say they plan to open in early autumn. Tatar Academic Opera and Ballet Theater starts the season with the premiere of the play “And the Eternal Light will Shine.” The management of the theaters assured that all necessary conditions will be created to protect the health of spectators and employees.

St. Petersburg: Leningrad region, which surrounds Saint-Petersburg, is planning to elaborate new tourist routes and to develop river tourism. As the regional governor said: “Realizing that less crowded forms of recreation are needed, we are actively creating new routes, first of all, eco-trails which will attract individual tourists”.