30 September 2021

New museums, galleries and educational centers open in Estonia every year. Here are just a few of them that has opened recently:

• The new interactive entertainment center WOW is surely worth visiting. The center's key word is illusion - here you can walk in the rain without getting wet, climb in the void, etc, and there is a 4D cinema in the planetarium hall.
• The A. Le Coq Beer Museum offers an interesting overview of the history and culture of beer in Estonia. The malt tower, built in 1898, displays about 2,000 exhibits, including the original bottle of Imperial Extra Double Stout, produced in 1869. The tour of the museum ends with beer tasting in the museum pub.
• The beach in Kauksi is a favorite holiday destination in Estonia, as is the attractive promenade in Pärnu, which creates a truly resort atmosphere. And at the end of the promenade, after a fully equipped surfing spot, a hiking trail with an observation deck starts.
• In the Wallitorn tower, the historical and educational center Wittenstein welcomes guests, where you can find yourself in different historical eras. On the different floors of the medieval tower, you can get acquainted with life of people in the prehistoric period, during the Teutonic and Livonian orders, during the period when Estonia was part of Sweden and Russia, during the independence and Soviet times.
• The Red Tower, built in the 15th century as a defensive and prison structure, now houses a modern panoramic cinema with a circular view. A short animated film about the history of the city of Pärnu is shown there. Once the movie starts, it feels as if you were surrounded by the landscapes of the place where the city was built, that change from the ice age to the present day.