20 July 2020

Every last weekend of July, Russia celebrates the Navy Day. Traditionally, the celebration starts with the formation of the personnel of the ships and the raising of the St. Andrew's flag - the main sign of the Russian Navy. The flag symbolizes courage and bravery and consists of a white canvas with two blue crossed lines - St. Andrew's Cross. The history of this flag dates back to the time of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called.

The main event is the naval parade, which involves the ships of the Pacific, Baltic and Black Sea fleets. The Navy Day 2021 will be celebrated in St. Petersburg for the fourth time. In addition to the main ships sailing along the Neva River, naval aviation and pedestrian sailors’ procession will participate in the celebration, that will finish at the Palace Square. Only on this day you can see an unusual phenomenon for St. Petersburg - the opening of bridges during the daytime. After the parade, the celebration usually continues with concerts and excursions to the ships. Some ships organize an open day for everyone. The day ends with a colorful fireworks. People from different cities come to see the parade, because this day really becomes unforgettable. Such a huge number of warships and aircraft at the same time can be seen only at the main naval parade in St. Petersburg every last weekend in July.