26 August 2021

This Friday, 27 August, the International Military Music Festival Spasskaya Tower starts in Moscow. This means only the opening ceremony, because the festival is already underway: the orchestras-participants have been performing around the city gardens since 14 August, and on 22 August the Central Military Orchestra performed at the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Spasskaya Tower Festival is a breathtaking musical and theatrical performance of military orchestras of different countries amidst the majestic walls of the Kremlin. The organic combination of military, classical, folk and pop music, parades of military bands and dance shows, demonstration performances with weapons, laser and pyrotechnic effects - all this makes the Festival one of the brightest and most memorable events of the year. Also, every day of the festival you can see an equestrian show and a light show at St. Basil's Cathedral. This year, the festival will feature military bands from more than 30 countries, including Austria, Greece, Belarus, Qatar, etc. Also this year at the festival Till Lindemann - vocalist of the world famous German band Rammstein, will perform a song in Russian.