29 April 2021

May is the first warm and pleasant month after a severe Russian winter. The first leaves are sprouting, the first flowers delight the eyes. But there is still something more special and exciting in this month for all the people who live in Russia. The name is May holidays!

The May holidays in Russia, which have always been celebrated with great pride and passion, begin on May 01 with International Labor Day. The country first celebrated Labor Day in 1890, it was called International Solidarity Day of the Labor Class. In 1997, the name was changed to Labor and Spring Day. Usually people have two days off, but this year it was officially announced that there will be more - 01-07.05.2021. Right after the Labor Day, another holiday follows - Victory Day, with two more days off. It is celebrated on May 09 and remains one of the main holidays in Russia, dedicated to Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The center of the celebrations are the military parades. Red Square becomes home to a garrison of the nation's best and brightest soldiers accompanied by a rolling fleet of lethal weapons and militarized vehicles destined to make Russians proud. Bands drum out joyous songs, people cheer, wave flags and banners, and at the end numerous fireworks are set off on major squares of the cities throughout Russia.

Therefore, this year Russians will have especially long May holidays which will start on the 1st and end on the 10th of May.