11 October 2021

From antiquity to the avant-garde, from cosmonautics to Russian saints, museums and exhibitions for every taste and interest will be included in the program of the IX St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, which will be held from 11 till 13 November, 2021.

The St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is the central event in the country's cultural life. It is an international platform for meetings, open dialogue and exchange of experience between specialists in the field of culture and cultural policy, government officials, politicians and businessmen from different countries.

With a free e-ticket during the Forum, you can visit the Russian Museum, the Museum-Chapel of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Gatchina Palace, the icebreaker Krasin and many more - there are 29 museums in total. Participants will also be able to see 45 exhibitions: get acquainted with the landscape history of St. Petersburg, find out how cars and technology influenced the art of Russian avant-garde and visit outer space at the Multimedia Center of the Russian Museum.

Here are just a few striking examples of museums and exhibitions available for visiting for guests and participants of the Forum:

1) Russian Museum. Dedicated to Cosmonautics - an exhibition at the Russian Museum's Multimedia Center will present digital installations on the theme of space and the future of humanity by contemporary artists from Russia, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland and Israel.

2) Russian Ethnographic Museum - in the halls of one of the largest ethnographic museums in the worldthe visitors will be able to see countless household items, tools, clothing and accessories, types of dwellings and their decoration, musical instruments, sacred objects, drawings, engravings and photographs reflecting the life and culture of more than 150 peoples of Russia and neighboring countries of the 18-20th centuries.

3) Museum-chapel of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. The exhibition Russian Saints presents the monuments of icon painting of the 16th-19th centuries, which depict images of saints especially revered by the Russian Church.

4) Multimedia Historical Park Russia - My History. The exhibitions of the multimedia historical park will tell about the most important events and significant historical figures of the reign of the two main dynasties - the Rurik and Romanovs, as well as introduce the aspects of the formation of the architectural appearance and culture of everyday life in St. Petersburg.