19 July 2021

The exhibition “Italian Futurism from the Mattioli Collection and Russian cubo-futurism from the Russian Museum and private collections” was launched in Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg on 15 July. Within the framework of the exhibition it is possible to see the works of Burliuk, Malevich, Modigliani and other famous artists. This year the futurists of Italy and Russia met at the Russian Museum. The most important works of Italian futurism will be shown in dialogue with the famous works of masters of Russian art, which will enable the visitors to see the similarities and differences of this artistic movement in the art of the two countries. “Technical progress brought Russian and European futurists closer together. But traditions and mentality gave each of the national movements their own uniqueness. This was stated by Marinetti himself, who visited Russia in 1914. The Italian part of the exhibition consists of works by Amadeo Modigliani, Giacomo Balla and others. Russian painters presented on the exhibition are: David Burliuk, Kazimir Malevich, and others.