03 June 2021

Every June, representatives of the business elite from all over the world come to St. Petersburg to take part in the International Economic Forum (SPIEF).This major event in the world of business economic relations has been leading its history since 1997. The main tasks of the forum are resolving issues of the economic sphere, overcoming barriers of any nature that stand in the way of business development and free economic relations. One of the clear indicators of the relevance of the issues raised at the forum is the composition of the event participants, among whom there are heads of large companies from various sectors of the economy, representatives of domestic and foreign business, Russian and foreign politicians, heads of ministries and departments and even heads of state. Since 2005, the economic forum has been held with the participation of the President of Russia.

The forum was attended by the heads of many states and governments of the world: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Germany, Italy, France, India, Japan, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Norway, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, etc. In addition to addressing issues on the agenda, the forum has become a platform for concluding major transactions and establishing business partnerships.

The international status of the forum obliges to maintain a high level of organization of all events of the program, in which, in addition to the business part, there is also a cultural one which includes closed ceremonial receptions, open concerts and many more.