21 December 2020

Lights were lit at the main Christmas tree on the Palace Square in St. Petersburg . This is the tallest live spruce in the city - its height is 25 meters, its weight is 12 tons, and it is 86 years old. Five thousand meters of garlands and 300-meter Christmas lights with retro lamps were used for decoration. The retro style of the 50s, inspired by old Soviet cartoons, was chosen for the adornment. 300 toys were made especially for the occasion: balls, houses, snowmen, horses, nutcrackers were hung on the branches - they were hand-painted by the local artists. A two-meter star shone on the top of the spruce. A photo zone with 25 living trees decorated with garlands was installed nearby. Both locals and tourists come to marvel at the tree and take pictures in this winter wonderland.