29 October 2021

The student capital of Estonia, Tartu, shone with the opening of Tartu's largest festival of architectural lighting and lighting art.

It is reported that this is the first time a 32-meter wide waterwall has been used in Estonia as a screen. It showed a video projection by visual artist Alena Movko, which marked the opening of the Tartu festival of light art.

This work is dedicated to the main river of Estonia, the Emajõgi. Emajõgi is the connecting link of all festival events. For example, in parks along the banks of the river, you can walk along a trail of light installations.

The culmination of the festival will be the Time Lines laser show in one of the oldest churches in Estonia - St. John's Church. The height and scale of the structure allows to fully convey the full depth and power of laser effects. For Estonia, such shows are not very common.

The show talks about time through the prism of laser beams, and its second part is a tribute to Estonian choral music. It is also a kind of experiment how it is generally possible to combine laser effects and choral music.

The festival will run until October 30. Most of the events are free.