06 November 2020

Every year on the second Sunday of November, Estonia celebrates Fathers' Day (Isadepäev). The official history of this family holiday began in 1992, although, many families used to organize celebrations in honor of beloved dads long before the Fathers' Day was established officially. On the eve of the holiday, themed matinees are held in kindergartens, and concerts for parents are held in schools. Children give their dads homemade cards and gifts - usually cut out of paper and painted ties or cars. On Father's Day, flags are flown in some cities in honor of those fathers who are or used to be military personnel.

While Fathers' Day in Estonia remains an official innovation for most, the holiday is gradually becoming common for the whole country, strengthening its traditions. For example, it has already become a tradition for security structures to hold demonstrative and educational charity performances as part of celebration of the event named Fathers' Day for All Children, where children and their fathers can take part in various competitions and get acquainted with various professions, such as policeman, firefighter, etc. Among the participants in the competitions there are also children from orphanages, over whom police officers, rescuers, border guards or military personnel take patronage on this day.

Father's Day is also celebrated on the second Sunday in November in Sweden and Finland. The main goal of this holiday is to draw attention to family values and emphasize the importance of the father's role in upbringing children.