05 October 2020

The exhibition "Polytech, you are from outer space" has opened in St. Petersburg. The exhibition, timed to coincide with World Space Week, began its work at the Peter the Great St. Petersburg University or as it is called by the locals – Polytech, the university's press service reported on the 2nd of October. Its stands showcase the developments of scientists from one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia in the space field. The exposition presents kubsats - ultra-small artificial satellites of the Earth, designed for space exploration and space survey of the surface of our planet. They are planned to be launched into Earth's orbit from the Vostochny cosmodrome in 2021–2022. Perhaps, civil space exploration will begin with it. It is supposed that anyone will be able to have such portable satellites.

Another interesting development of scientists is a "smart foil" - a technology of ultrafast cold soldering, which allows soldering various materials to each other in an airless environment. Among the exhibits you can also see the developments of the laboratory of light materials and structures, as well as information stands, telling about different periods of the development of astronautics. And, of course, the exhibition at the Polytech shows how the USSR conquered space. After all, the staff of the Polytechnic University played an important role in this.

World Space Week is the largest annual event dedicated to the study of outer space, the contribution of space science and technology to the development of modern society. More than 90 countries annually take part in the event. MIR Travel Company highly recommends the exhibition to all lovers of science, technologies and outer space. As it covers the history of conquering of space from the period when it was only a fantasy till the first manned flights into space.