17 August 2020

The exhibition "I, Andy Warhol" will open in Moscow in the new building of the Tretyakov Gallery on 25 September, 2020. The exposition includes about 200 works by the pioneer of Pop Art, including such worldwide known gems as “Marilyn”, “Campbell's Soup Cans”, “Mao” and others. In addition, the famous works "Double Self-Portrait", "Skull", "Electric Chair", "Vesuvius" and portraits of Lenin will be shown.

The exhibition presents Andy Warhol from different sides - as an artist, designer, decorator, illustrator, photographer, filmmaker, party-goer - a figure who had a huge impact on the culture of the 20th century, and just as a person. It will feature films by Warhol, a separate room will be devoted to the artist's collaboration with record labels and music groups, such as Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, etc. In addition, the exposition will include space with recreated Warhol's art studio in New York - The Factory, the center of gravity of world bohemia. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with one of the most popular installations of Warhol - Silver Clouds, which has become a symbol of Pop Art. Several halls of the exhibition will be decorated with the artist's branded wallpaper. Visitors will be offered audioguides and guided tours. Various lectures and workshops will be organized.

The aim of the exhibition "I, Andy Warhol" is to demonstrate the large scale of the individuality and versatility of Warhol's talent, as well as to reveal his colossal influence on the culture of the second half of the 20th century.