19 November 2020

Every year, on 18th November, Russia officially celebrates the birthday of Ded Moroz (“Grandfather Frost”), analogue of Santa Claus. It is believed that on 18th November real winter begins and first frosts hit.

What is the exact age of the Winter Wizard nobody knowns for certain, but surely he is more than 2000 years old. In the post-revolutionary 1920s, when the struggle against "religious prejudices" was going on at the state level in Soviet Russia, the Christmas tree together with Ded Moroz were consigned to oblivion. Only after the rehabilitation in 1935 of the Christmas tree as a symbol of the New Year, Ded Moroz returned to the holiday as well.

By the way, the modern Ded Moroz keeps pace with the times, so he also masters new technologies - now he receives letters from children by e-mail, and also blogs on social networks and communicates with his colleagues by cell phone. The assistants of the Winter Wizard every year prepare a new costume for him, decorated with original embroidery. The modern Russian Grandfather Frost wears a long fur coat embroidered with silver, and a hat trimmed with swan feathers and beautifully decorated pair of mittens. In addition, a real Grandfather Frost must have a long, silvery beard, which symbolizes power, happiness and wealth. On 18th November all kinds of festive events are held on the central square of the city of Veliky Ustyug which is officially considered the homeland and residence of the Russian Santa Claus. According to tradition, the lights are lit on the first Christmas tree. After this, Ded Moroz begins his journey through Russian cities and in each, together with the local children, he lights up the Christmas tree lights.

Mir Travel Company is happy to remind you that Christmas and New Year are just around the corner!