03 September 2020

Every year on the 1st of September, Russia celebrates the Day of Knowledge, since it is the date of the beginning of a new academic year for all Russian schoolchildren, students, teachers and professors. Traditionally, on this day schools host assemblies and welcome classes.

After distance learning and a long summer vacation, on the 1st of September, all dressed up and excited pupils and students get back to their studies. To keep acquiring knowledge in the usual format and to meet with classmates and teachers after a long separation. However, the traditional assemblies had to be abandoned this year. They were held only for first graders, welcome classes were organized for the rest. All children were explained how to properly use sanitizers, which are now everywhere - in classrooms, corridors, toilet rooms. Also, students are told what antibacterial lamps are for - all main school premises are now equipped with such lamps.

Preschool children also return to kindergartens. While Russian universities were given the right to independently set the start date of the academic year. It can be postponed for up to two months, depending on the epidemiological situation in the region.