14 December 2020

The Museum of Cosmonautics and the cosmonauts from the International Space Station will conduct an online geography lesson The Earth is Our Space Address. They will tell students about how they explore the Earth from Space, what the orbit is, and how the geographic location of spaceports affects the orbits of satellite launching. You will be able to watch the live broadcast of the lesson on the website of the Museum of Cosmonautics, as well as on the Roscosmos page and on the YouTube channel.

On the eve of the new academic year an educational show was launched for students - the project Space Lesson 2.0. Reboot, which allows you to take a fresh look at the study of school topics. The experts are the cosmonauts of the International Space Station. The project has a vast geography - everyone can join the classes. You can watch the lectures on the website of the project. The broadcasts have already collected over 400 thousand views.