11 January 2021

Christmas is an important holiday for the Christian world. It is celebrated by both Catholics and Orthodox. By tradition, the Orthodox Christmas is on the 7th of January, while the Catholic and Protestant is on the 25th of December. It can be explained by the fact that when Russia together with the rest of the world, switched to a new, more accurate calendar, the Orthodox Church refused to do so. Thus, before that Christmas in Russia was celebrated on the 25th of December.

In Russia religious people go to the church at Christmas, however, this is not required. After all, Christmas in Russia is considered a family holiday and you can celebrate it just at home in a narrow family circle. The are many Christmas traditions in Russia, namely: decorating the table and the house, dishes that must be on the table, and so on, but the most interesting is, of course, Christmas fortune-telling. This tradition probably came from pagan customs and is widely popular till this day. Grandmothers and great-grandmothers usually pass on the secrets of fortune-telling. There are many different types of fortune-telling: for luck, for wealth, and for women – prediction of the future betrothed.

Christmas is a truly magical time in Russia, and MIR Travel Company invites everyone to plunge into the magic of Russian Christmas.