05 August 2021

The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow hosted the premiere of the play Don Quixote staged by the Opera and Ballet Theatre of Bashkiria. Entering the legendary historical building of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, each spectator immediately plunged into the warm atmosphere of this region of Russia. The audience was greeted by artists of the State Ensemble of Folk Dance in national costumes, footage dedicated to the republic was shown on screens in the foyer, a book about Bashkiria and it’s capital Ufa and an invitation to major events in the near future were handed out at the entrance. The main event around which the presentation of the region unfolded was the premiere at the Bolshoi Theatre of the opera Don Quixote staged by the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Bashkiria.

Due to the restrictions, the Bolshoi Theatre has not yet returned to 100% occupancy. Nevertheless, tickets to the main Russian theater that evening were completely sold out by viewers wishing to see the Ufa production of the heroic comedy Don Quixote. An opera based on the novel by Cervantes is rarely staged in Russia, before that it was only in the repertoire of the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.