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08 February 2021

On Sunday, February 07, a historical and theatrical reconstruction of the meeting of the first train that arrived after breaking the blockade of Leningrad was shown at the Finlandsky railway station in St. Petersburg. The participants managed to recreate the atmosphere of the February events of 1943, when the first train with food arrived in the city.

The legendary train includes freight cars – “teplushka”, from the early 20th century and historical passenger cars built in the 1930s. At the head of the train was a particularly hardy Er-791-94 freight steam locomotive, which proved to be an ideal front-line locomotive due to its high power and light weight. In addition, the Ov-6135 steam locomotive, built back in 1905 at the Nevsky plant, also arrived at the platform.

Historical costumes created a festive atmosphere of this truly important date for the history of the city.