01 February 2021

The 31st of January is considered the birthday of vodka. On this day in 1865 Dmitry Mendeleev presented his famous doctoral thesis "On the combination of alcohol with water." The document is kept in the museum of the great scientist - at the Saint- Petersburg State University. Mendeleev is called the father of Russian vodka.

An interesting legend was associated with vodka in the Soviet Union. Once Stalin, at a meeting with polar explorers, asked them what kind of alcoholic drinks they drink on long winter nights in the north. They joked that there is a tradition of diluting pure alcohol to a volume that matches the parallel on which they are. This is how a vodka with 56% ABV appeared because Moscow is located on this parallel!

This and many other interesting stories you can hear in the Vodka Museum in Saint-Petersburg which you can visit with MIR Travel Company. The museum contains a huge number of different types of vodka, nalivkas and other time-honored Russian drinks. Na zdorovie!