30 August 2021

The Baltic Sea Day is celebrated every year on the last Thursday in August. The annual event launched by John Nurminen Foundation is a day of celebration in honour of our beloved sea. It’s mission is to encourage people to enjoy its uniqueness and to take concrete actions that benefit the sea. Baltic Sea is a bridge between the numerous countries, such as Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, etc. Day of the Baltic Sea is important as it makes people aware of the story of the sea and its history and it makes it easier to understand why our unique Baltic Sea must be protected.

MIR Travel Company shares the idea of the Baltic Sea Day and invites you on our regular tours: the “Baltic Capitals” tour where you can see the Baltic Sea in three different countries and its capitals: the baroque Vilnius, the art nouveau Riga and the medieval Tallinn. Or even more, in four countries - during our tour “Baltic Metropolises” which enables you to get to know 4 countries and 4 metropolises in one trip, adding a visit to the stylish Helsinki.

Our travel consultants will be happy to provide you all the details of the tours.