02 September 2021

The 20th Baikal International Film Festival "Man and Nature" will open in Irkutsk on 8 September. The competition program included 31 films. These are documentary, popular science, fiction, animation and full-dome films that will be shown in the Irkutsk Planetarium. They were prepared by directors from 11 countries: Russia, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Iran, Israel, Argentina, Australia, Lesotho, South Africa, Italy. Most of the works were presented by directors from Russia and Germany.

10 films from Russia, Belarus, Guatemala, Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria and Slovakia were selected for the out-of-competition program. The jury will choose the winners in the nominations Best Documentary Film, Best Animated Film, Best Full-Dome Film, etc. A film about the most pressing environmental problems will receive the Baikal prize for relevance of the theme.

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