14 September 2020

Festive events were held on Saturday in honor of the 315th anniversary of the Peterhof park museum - the former royal residence. The history of Peterhof dates back to the 13th of September 1705, when it was first mentioned in the diary of Peter the Great. Who later built his seaside residence in this place. In memory of this date, on Saturday, the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve held fireworks and a ceremonial launch of the Grand Cascade and the Samson fountain, as well as for the first time after a six-month quarantine were opened the ceremonial halls of the Peterhof Grand Palace, the Special Storeroom and Church Building museums. All day long classical music performed by a brass band sounded for the guests of the Lower Park.

The festive events began in Alexandria Park, where the presentation of the restored monument to Peter the Great took place. The monument was made in France in 1841 and was kept in the Peterhof depository for the last 75 years. The main object of restoration was the pedestal, it was made anew from a solid block of marble and it is as similar as possible to the one that was here in the 19th century. The work was carried out by specialists from the amber workshop of the Catherine Palace. Now the equestrian monument is installed almost on the same place where it used to be long time ago.