19 April 2021

St. Petersburg´s Pulkovo Airport was the first Russian airport to receive the Airport Health Accreditation Program International Health Certificate. The document confirms the effectiveness of measures implemented at Pulkovo Airport to protect the safety and health of passengers and employees during the pandemic. Pulkovo Airport has been certified in the form of an audit since the end of 2020 against more than 100 criteria in passenger service areas in the terminal, including check-in, pre-flight security, departure and arrival areas, baggage claim, restaurants and shops. At the airport, the regime of cleaning and disinfecting with antiviral agents has been strengthened. Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed in public areas all the way from the check-in area to the boarding gates. Masks, gloves, antiseptic gels and wipes can be purchased from special vending machines located at the airport. All airport employees are provided with personal protective equipment.

The air in the terminal is disinfected using ultraviolet recirculators. Through the speakerphone, passengers and visitors are regularly informed about COVID-19 preventive measures and the need to use personal protective equipment at the airport. Check-in and boarding gates are specially marked to maintain a safe distance. Information stickers about the need to maintain social distance are placed on the seats in the airport lounges. Also, at the Pulkovo Airport, PCR and express testing points for coronavirus infection have been organized.

As of early April 2021, more than 360 airports in the world have received the Airport Health Accreditation Program Certificate, including airports in such large cities as Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Milan, Munich, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Istanbul, etc.