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The route of Pushkin and Dostoevsky

Saint Petersburg – Pskov – Pushkin Gory – Staraya Russa

7 days / 6 nights


Day 1. Saint Petersburg.

Arrival to Saint Petersburg.

Transfer to the hotel.

Check in.

Day 2. Saint Petersburg

Breakfast. The panoramic tour of the city. During the tour you will learn the history, the architecture and the present life of the Imperial capital of Russia. You will see such ensembles as the Palace Square and the Winter Palace, the square of Arts, the Summer Garden and the field of Mars. Speaking about the city, your guide will emphasize the places connected with the life and works of famous Russian writers and poets.

Later we will visit to the memorial museum of Dostoevsky. It occupies 3 floors of the house where the writer spent the last years of his life (1878-1881). Wherever Dostoevsky rented a flat he insisted that at least one window should face a church.

After lunch we take a tour of the Russian museum, a treasury of Russian Art. This is the first state collection of Russian art and culture that numbers 40.000 exhibits. It is situated in one of the most beautiful squares of St. Petersburg – the square of Arts – in Mikhailovsky palace that was constructed in the beginning of the 19th century for Grand Duke Michael, the son of Russian Emperor Paul I. The unique collection of the museum contains icons and avant-garde and surrealist paintings, works by famous Russian artists and sculptors of the 18th-20th centuries, objects of decorative art, applied art and folk handicraft

Day 3. Saint Petersburg.

Breakfast. Today’s tour is dedicated to a great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, we will visit his memorial apartment. The poet left this apartment to go on his last fatal duel. The exhibition includes personal belongings, manuscripts, documents related to the life of the poet. The interior is a detailed reconstruction of life in the first half of the 19th century. Today the museum holds exhibitions, concerts, poetry parties.

After lunch we plan to visit Alexander Nevsky Monastery (Lavra), one of the greatest architectural ensembles in St. Petersburg. The monastery was founded by Peter I in 1710 to commemorate the prince of Novgorod Alexander Nevsky who defeated the Swedish in 1240 at the banks of the river Neva and was later canonized by Russian Orthodox Church. In 1797 the monastery was awarded the title of Lavra, the supreme type of an orthodox monastery. Tikhvin and Lazaro cemeteries make part of the monastery complex, they are the burial place of many prominent Russian people including Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky, and others.

Day 4. Saint Petersburg.

Breakfast. Departure from the hotel. Excursion to the suburbs – the town of Pushkin (Tsarskoye Seló). Historically Pushkin was the summer residence of Russian emperors, a fascinating monument of architecture and garden art of the 18th-19th centuries. In the park one can find monuments and sculptures, small bridges and intimate pavilions, it used to be a favourite retreat of Russian tsars.

The compositional centre of the Pushkin ensemble is the Catherine Palace. The fascinating baroque facade of the palace is one of the longest in Europe. The palace displays furniture, sculptures, and works of applied art, pictures of Russian and

European painters. The true jewel of the palace is the mysterious Amber Room.

Tsarskoye Selo is also famous for the Lyceum: an education centre where Alexander Pushkin studied from 1811 to 1817. The classes of the Lyceum are now a museum. In the Lyceum garden there is a statue of the poet depicted as an adolescent wearing the Lyceum uniform. Lunch. Transfer to Pskov. Check in. Dinner.

Day 5. Pskov.

Breakfast. Transfer to the memorial Pushkin reserve. Excursion to Mikhailovskoye. The small village of Mikhailovskoye used to be the family property of the Pushkins. In 1742 Elizabeth I presented the mansion and the nearby land to Abraham Gannibal, the godson of Peter the Great and a great grandfather of Alexander Pushkin. The poet admired the natural beauty of the place, the poetry of country life and the spirit of the days long gone. Throughout all his life Pushkin kept returning to Mikhailovskoye that became a place of intensive creative work for him. After the tour of Mikhailovskoye you will visit the Svyatogorsky monastery (The Holy Hills) of the Holy Assumption. Ivan the Terrible ordered to build the monastery in 1569. Its merry fairs, its library full of ancient manuscripts always attracted Alexander Pushkin, besides his parents and grandparents were buried nearby on a family cemetery. The tomb of the poet has turned into a pilgrimage site for all those fascinated by poetry.

Lunch in a local restaurant. Panoramic tour of Pskov. Pskov was first mentioned in the chronicles in 903. Due to the favourable geographic location for many centuries it was the stronghold of the North-West of Russia, numerous times if was threatened by enemies and conquers; the powerful millenary fortifications of Pskov and nearby villages still exist today. During a panoramic tour of Pskov you will know more about the history of the town and visit the most important landmarks: the Kremlin with the Trinity Cathedral (1699) – the shine of its gilded cupolas can be seem from a 30-40km distance, different fortifications, churches of the 14th-16th centuries, ancient civil architecture. Afterwards, you will be able to ascend the hill of Alexander Nevsky monument dedicated to the man who vanquished German invaders in the 13th century and you will see a 19th century train station where the last tsar of Russia abdicated in 1917. Dinner.

Day 6. Staraya Russa.

Breakfast.Departure from the hotel. Transfer to Staraya Russa. This village was first mentioned in 1167. In the middle of the 16th century it was the 4th largest town in Russia in terms of size, population, and number of houses after Moscow, Pskov and Novgorod. It occupied an important strategic position and grew rapidly, until the middle of the 19th century it was an exclusive producer and supplier of salt in Russia. Dostoevsky spent 10 years in this town, we will visit his memorial house. Return to Saint Petersburg. Check in. Farewell dinner.

Day 7. Saint Petersburg.

Breakfast.Transfer to the airport.


Net price per person from 525 EUR

* Valid for a group of 25 pax

* The price doesn’t include accommodation


-Transportation services throughout the itinerary

-Entrances and tours throughout the itinerary

-English/ German/Spanish speaking guide

-Meals as per the itinerary